Kumul GameChangers 2017

Scaling impact by empowering and enabling new generation of Papua New Guinean entrepreneurs as local and global change makers

Kumul GameChangers is an initiative to scale impact by empowering and enabling a new generation of entrepreneurial change makers. Entrepreneurs at their heart are change makers, devising solutions to challenges facing their communities and innovating news approaches or products that move society forward.

Kumul GameChangers aims to change the development paradigm of Papua New Guinea by identifying and resourcing PNG’s emerging generation of game changers – those entrepreneurs with innovative, scalable solutions to some of our most pressing challenges and the personal attributes to execute and succeed. We scale impact by helping the identified entrepreneurs realize their potential, successfully bringing to market services and products that change the lives of their customers, locally and globally.

By keeping entrepreneurs and the positive impact they create at its core, Kumul GameChangers engages the Government of PNG, corporations, private sector peak bodies, multilateral institutions and civil society to drive the paradigm shift in inclusive development.

Our Approach

29 March 2017
1 May 2017

Ideas, business models, and founder information submitted and evaluated by KGC selection panel

Founder Selection
5 May 2017

A minimum of 40 entrepreneurs selected with scalable innovative ideas and potential to impact

Entrepreneur Development
2 June 2017
16 June 2017

Intensive KGC Entrepreneur development bootcamp

StartUp Seed & Development
6 to 12 Months

Formation of startup teams, and development of minimum viable product and business model. Supported by KGC shared services (legal/tax/business strategy) and mentors

Startup PNG Conference
6 November 2017
9 November 2017

Start-Up PNG Conference showcasing KGC Startups, International experiences and entrepreneurship trends

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Any sector.
Anywhere in PNG.

The Kumul GameChangers Initiative has identified seven high-potential sectors ripe with opportunities for impact enterprises.

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Agriculture financial-inclusion fishery renewable-energy Healthcare water water


The Kumul GameChangers Initiative is partnering with the various people and institutions to provide mentoring support to the short-listed impact entrepreneurs emerging through the Kumul GameChangers Business Plan Competition.

Residential bootcamp for shortlisted ideas to prepare for the final pitches to investors and funders.

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Strategic Planning

Mentoring with
Business Leaders

Access to
Global Networks

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